RGB Decor Icicle Lights

Ships April 30, 2024


25 icicles per strand. 

The RGB Decor line tackles those classic incandescent / traditional holiday lighting display elements with an RGB pixel update.  Each of the carefully curated props in this collection boasts white wire, 1" spaced, 12 volt seed/pebble pixels and X-connect connections.  Powder coated metal frames on everything (except the candy canes) insure many years of life in your display.

Time to get chilly with the RGB Decor Icicles.  Both sizes are equipped with XConnect pigtails on the input and output sides and white wire standard.  With a transparent / textured outer shell, these props are sure to take that very traditional iced over look to an entirely new level.  The 12" variety contains 10 pixels each while the 16" version packs an impressive 16 pixels.  The icicles are spaced 8" apart on white wire and both versions have icicles per strand.  For denser installations overlap a second strand between the first one to get 4" spacing - for a variant, use a mix of large and small for a more organic look.