The Kraken Rigid System

Ships April 30, 2024

Tube Length

Kraken Rigid is currently available for pre-order and is set to be fulfilled by late June 2024.


The Kraken Light System Rigid 25 Tube Starter Kit. contains a 26 position ball mount with 26 female quick connects. One is a spare as an open position is required for mounting. 25 tubes are included with the matching make quick connect and wiring pigtails.

Each tube on the Kraken Rigid has a male quick connector to attach it to the center hub, and male and female XConnect connections at the same end.  The connectors push and lock into position, and the wires are linked together to create your pixel string.  No threading of mounting connectors and tangled up wiring from pixels and tubes chained together.  Each Kraken rigid tube can be removed or installed easily and replaced without disassembling the entire prop.

The 1/2 meter tubes contain 10 pixels (250 total on the complete ball), the 1 meter tubes contain 20 pixels (500 total for the ball) and the 2 meter tubes contain 40 pixels for a 1000 pixel starburst.  We recommend a single port for the 1/2 meter, 2 ports (or 1 with power balancing) for the 1 meter, and 4 ports (2 with power balancing) for the 2 meter sizes.

The pixels are 8mm constant current 12v ws2811 pixels.

The xmodel is available on our site for all 3 sizes.

The Kraken Rigid is MORE than just a starburst / firework prop.  You can take any of the tubes an use them in our other Kraken rigid accessories to create arches, peace stakes or pixel forests, spinners and much more.

After the season, we recommend disconnecting all of the pigtails between each tube and storing in bundles.  This will keep each tube ready for the next time you want to release the Kraken.