RGB Decor 3D Deer

Ships April 30, 2024

The RGB Decor line tackles those classic incandescent / traditional holiday lighting display elements with an RGB pixel update.  Each of the carefully curated props in this collection boasts white wire, 1" spaced, 12 volt seed/pebble pixels and X-connect connections.  Powder coated metal frames on everything (except the candy canes) insure many years of life in your display.

The ANIMATED deer has a separately powered motor which moves the head left and right.  This motor is weather resistant and comes with its own transformer.  Don't want the deer to move?  Don't plug the motor in.

This 3D deer free stands in your yard at approximately 20" tall, and has 399 nodes - already mapped for you with the included xModel for xLights.  This prop runs well from a single output and does NOT include a pigtail at the end of the prop.  The start connection is X-Connect.

Updated pictures are coming soon.