RGB Decor Candy - Vibrant Holiday Lighting Elements in Boxes of 10

Ships April 30, 2024


Product Description:


Elevate your holiday lighting display with the RGB Decor Candy collection. Designed to update traditional holiday lighting elements with modern RGB pixel technology, this line brings vibrant colors and dynamic lighting effects to your festive decorations. Each box contains 10 meticulously crafted props, ensuring your display shines brilliantly.

Key Features:

  • Innovative RGB Pixel Technology: Each prop in the RGB Decor Candy line features 12-volt seed/pebble pixels with 1" spacing, providing bright and vivid illumination.
  • Durable Construction: All props (except candy canes and candy arches) come with powder-coated metal frames, ensuring longevity and durability for years of use.
  • X-Connect Connections: Standard X-Connect pigtails make setup and integration into your existing display seamless and hassle-free.
  • Versatile Design:
    • Small Candy Cane: Stands 24" tall (excluding ground stake) with 20 nodes. It features a mostly clear body with a slim red stripe, offering a classic candy cane appearance during the day and a vibrant display at night.
    • Large Candy Cane: Stands 48" tall (excluding spike) with a clear body and subtle white stripes. This element is designed to showcase vibrant colors when illuminated, with details to be updated soon.
    • 2-foot Candy Arch: Measures approximately 24" from spike to spike and stands over 12" high with 39 nodes. The clear tube, giving a classic, glowing appearance.


  • Small Candy Cane: 24" tall, 20 nodes, clear body with red stripe
  • Large Candy Cane: 48" tall, node count pending, clear body with white stripes
  • 2-foot Candy Arch: 24" wide, 12" high, 39 nodes, frosted tube
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Connection Type: X-Connect pigtails


  • Modern Update to Classic Designs: The RGB pixel technology brings a contemporary twist to traditional holiday decorations, making your display more dynamic and eye-catching.
  • Easy Integration: Standardized connections and thoughtful design make it easy to incorporate these props into your existing holiday lighting setup.