10G PoE++ Injector


Next-gen 10 Gbps 95 W 4PPoE Injector - Supports 10/100/1000/2500/5000/10,000 Mbps and Power over Ethernet 802.3bt

The Intellinet Network Solutions 10G PoE++ Injector lets you connect your IEEE 802.3bt/af/at-compliant wireless access point, IP phone, network camera and more to a non-PoE LAN switch port while providing the necessary PoE power up to 100 meters (328 ft.). This 10-Gigabit 4PPoE Injector has an output power rating up to 95 watts, which is enough for even very power-hungry PoE++ devices like motorized PTZ cameras, thin clients, point-of-sale systems, lighting controllers and digital signage applications.

Full backward-compatibility with existing IEEE 802.3af/at Power over Ethernet devices

The Intellinet Network Solutions 10G PoE++ Injector helps you connect your IEEE 802.3bt/af/at-compliant products to a non-PoE LAN switch port. The Injector features auto-sensing technology, so it always delivers the correct wattage the device needs, whether it's PoE (up to 15.4 W), PoE+ (up to 30 W) or PoE++ (up to 95 W).

Reduced wiring costs

It's no longer necessary to run AC power lines for your wireless access point, network camera or IP phone. Simply connect this PoE++ Injector to a LAN switch port, and use the existing network cabling to deliver DC power as well as transfer data.

Safe protection for your expensive network equipment

The auto-sensing technology of this high-power PoE Injector ensures that your products are protected from power problems like short circuits (short GND), current overloads and high voltages. Port surge protection up to 6 kV and ESD protection up to 8 kV make its safety complete.

Wall-mount option

For full installation flexibility, you can mount the injector on the wall through four built-in fixing points on the back panel.


  • Power over Ethernet with output up to 95 watts
  • Ultra-fast 10GBASE-T RJ45 Ethernet port, IEEE 802.3bz compliant
  • Compatible with IEEE 802.3bt/at/af-compliant powered devices (PD) such as network cameras, wireless access points, VoIP phones and more
  • Distance support up to 100 m (328 ft.)
  • Internal power supply
  • Auto-sensing PoE awareness to ensure that power is only sent to IEEE 802.3bt/at/af-compliant devices; non-PoE devices only receive data
  • Short-circuit, overload and high-voltage protection
  • Grounding point to protect equipment from external electrical surges
  • Port surge protection up to 4 kV
  • ESD protection up to 8 kV (air) and 6 kV (contact)
  • Built-in wall-mounting holes and four rubber feet for desktop use
  • Earthing kit included
  • Ideal for power-hungry IoT devices like motorized IP cameras, thin clients, PoE lighting and more
  • Saves time and money by delivering data and power via existing network cables
  • Plug-and-play installation; no configuration required
  • Fully NDAA-compliant
  • Three-year warranty