5mm LED Strobe Lights, Dazzle, Blue/cool white, Strobing/Static, 50 Bulbs, 6" Spacing

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Dazzle brand 5mm LED strobe lights. The Christmas Light Emporium is the home of the original every 4th bulb cool white strobing 5mm LED strobe light string - Dazzle! It's part of our top selling product line year after year for a reason; we worked hard with our manufacturing partners to get them perfect! Nothing beats Dazzle - the best quality, most 5 star rated, commercial grade, field tested every 4th bulb cool white strobing 5mm strobe lights available!

This is not a twinkle string with a subtle on/off - this is a true *pop* LED 5mm strobe string that creates a fantastic effect in your light display.

This version has 3 static blue bulbs between each cool white strobing LED .

We designed them specifically for use in tree and shrub wrapping in static displays that want to add some really elegant sparkle. Every 4th bulb on this string strobes randomly to create the effect of tiny camera flashes. When wrapped around a tree, through shrubs or on any structure, this string will make your display sparkle.

These can be left on all night to create a magical environment.


  • 5mm dimmable LED strobe lights
  • 50 bulbs on green wire
  • 6" Spacing
  • Voltage: 120v
  • 25' total length with 6" lead and tail
  • UL rated for indoor and outdoor use
  • Commercial grade
  • Single molded (1 piece) design with non-removable bulbs improved moisture resistance
  • Full wave rectified for flicker free sparkles
  • Standard male and female end-to-end plugs
  • Connect up to 40 sets end-to-end
  • If one light goes out, the rest stay lit
  • Cool White color temperature = 6000 kelvin