AC Power Cord


The AC Power Cord is a short length cord designed to supply power to your pixel controllers, power distribution boards, or anywhere that needs 110V AC power. This cord measures 3 feet (1 Meter) long, uses 3 16AWG wires and is rated for up to 13 Amps (1625 Watts). All connectors are molded-on and will not pull apart from the cord.


Brown=Hot (Europe) / Black=Hot (USA)
Blue=Neutral (Europe) / White=Neutral (USA)
Yellow/Green=Ground / Green=Ground (USA)

About Molded Cables:

Molded cables are created through a specialized process that allows for maximum protection of important parts. The connectors are attached to the cable and are subsequently placed into a mold. Next, the mold is closed and the plastic is injected into the cavity that surrounds the cable terminal or connector interface, providing a sealed connector. This process creates quality molded cables designed to stand the test of time.