C9 Strobe Light, Cool White LED

$6.99 $8.99

These exciting flashing C9 SMD LED strobe lights are cool white in color. They are faceted LED screw-in replacement bulbs designed for traditional C9 (E17 socket) sockets. They are 2" long. Each has 8 super bright SMD LED chips running up the center and encapsulated by a hard-to-break lens. Because the chips run up the center of the lens, the light dispersion and brightness both surpass that of a traditional xenon C9 strobe light, but without the delicacy and reliability issues.

Fits directly into existing traditional sockets without extra transformers. IP44 rate lens.

Random start - flash is random as soon as power is applied

  • C9/E17 socket
  • 8 super bright SMD LEDs in each bulb
  • 60-180 flashes per minute
  • Great for use in both computer controlled or always on displays
  • IP44 rated