ChromaCane 50



Name: ChromaCane 50

Upgraded in 2023


ChromaCane 50 is a beautiful take on an iconic Candy Cane that allows for fast assembly and works with pixels or RGB Nodes.


So now we are here to satisfy your sweet tooth. Our version of the Candy Cane is the ChromaCane. Many people loved the original but wanted a version with fewer nodes. It is made from 10mm Coro. This is 2.5 times thicker than the 4mm at about 3/8" thick. They allow you to focus the LED to your audience without having to be diffused similar to our CoroArches. We designed them to be zip tied to a stake or our preferred method a segment of 1/2" EMT Conduit. The universal design allows the ChromaCane 50 to be either left hand or right hand. You can have a ChromaCane 50 ready to go in about 5 minutes, that's it. All you need to do is load your pixels or RGB nodes and hook it to your controller.

**Includes Pixel Path™ on the back for easy node installation** And model in Xlights or Light O Rama**

  • Works with all 12mm nodes bullets
  • Almost 36" tall
  • Total of 50 nodes
  • Super fast and easy installation
  • Available in White 10mm coro only
  • ChromaCane 50 mounts to 1/2" EMT Conduit or another type of stake with ziptie holes
  • 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication


The ChromaCane 50's are design to be ziptied to a stake with the provided ziptie holes. You can install your pixels or RGB's in just a few minutes. Push the stake in the ground set it up in the sequencer of your choice and enjoy.