Controller Setup and Configuration




Configuring your new or existing controller can be overwhelming, no matter your experience level.  Each vendor has a multitude of configuration screens, settings, options and defaults.  We often hear people sobbing "Why is my new controller only turning on the first 50 lights?".  It all comes down to properly configuring your controllers, and allowing xLights to maintain that configuration.

Our team of experts can help you setup your controllers to work at their best and allow xLights to properly update your configuration whenever you make changes to your layout.  We have over 2 decades of experience with controllers from all of the major vendors.  Let us help get you on the road to a successful lightshow.

Controllers Supported:

  • Dragon Controllers
  • Experience Lights
  • Falcon
  • Kulp
  • FPP
  • AlphaPix
  • HinxPix
  • Advatek
  • SanDevices
  • ESPixelStick
  • WLED
  • and more... 

For additional controllers or more information and to schedule any of our services, please use our contact form. A member of our team will be in touch soon! You can also email us directly at