DayCor® HiRes American Flag


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DayCor® HiRes American Flag

You can add an American Flag to any display to show your patriotism. This prop is printed HiRes is fairly large prop measuring just under 8' long x 4' wide. Because the the size for residential shipping it will be cut in half, and then the two halves will be slit in the back and folded to fit in a 48"x24" box for shipping. Will come with 4 dowel rods to put in the flutes of the two pieces that are cut in half, to slide together. Then you can frame it or attach it where you plan to put it.

***Special Order Items***
All DayCor™ HiRes is printed when ordered. This is not a stocked item. Processing time will be longer than normal Processing.

These will be in two pieces and then slit in the back to fold for Residential Shipping.

Commercial shipping will have to go Freight. (email

  • Designed to pick your verson (pixels holes or minilight holes, or no holes)
  • Pixel Version Total 763
  • Size Actual size coming soon (just under 8'x4')
  • Available in HiRes
  • Made from 10mm Coro
  • 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication