Deez Nuts Numbering Nuts 1-32



Introducing our Injection Molded Numbering Nuts, the ultimate solution for organizing and identifying your pigtail cables with ease. These revolutionary nuts are thoughtfully designed to simplify your cable management tasks while providing unparalleled visibility and durability. Our Injection Molded Numbering Nuts feature a two-tone design, ensuring the numbers are highly visible and easily distinguishable. No more squinting or guessing when it comes to identifying your pigtails. The contrasting colors make the numbering clear and legible, enabling quick and efficient port identification. We offer multiple style options to accommodate different installation methods. The injection-molded design provides a snug fit onto the pigtail, securely holding the nut in place. With its firm grip, you can rely on the nut to stay in position during movement or handling. For added convenience, we offer a pack of 32 nuts, each numbered 1 to 32 in UV ink on every nut, making installation hassle-free. Once in place, the numbering remains intact and easily