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Dragon 4 Output Long Range Brainless Ready2Run Pixel Receiver

This is a PRESALE item that is expected to ship on or before October 21, 2022.

The Dragon 4 Output Long Range Brainless Ready2Run Receiver is a ready-to-run "dumb" receiver designed inside a waterproof enclosure and includes an industry leading 350W Mean Well power supply to drive your 12v pixels.  The perfect way to expand your existing show, or to pair with the new Mattos Designs Dragon 8 Port Pixel Controller.  

The Dragon 4 Output Brainless Receiver Board can be connected to many different controller options including the Dragon Controllers, Falcon, Kulp and many more.  This device allows 4 pixel string outputs to be placed up to 100 meters from the controller. 

The Dragon 4 Output Brainless Receiver features the new Mattos Easy Bulkhead, which is a single waterproof connector that splits into 4 xConnect Output leads, reducing the amount of connections required on the receiver.  Each pixel port features an auto-resetting fuse, making this a truly hands-off receiver perfect for use in areas where you can't easily access the controller due to heights, weather conditions, etc.  It also features an RJ45 connection for input from your show controller.

The Dragon line of pixel controllers and receivers truly represent the next generation in lightshow technology.

Dragon 4 Output Long Range Brainless Ready2Run Pixel Receiver - D4

  • 1 x RJ45 ports for long range connection
  • 1 x Mattos Easy Bulkhead 4 port 3-pin xConnect 
  • 1 Built in 12v Meanwell 350W Power Supply
  • For use with 12v pixels only 
  • Waterproof enclosure is 100% Made in the United States