EVO Traditional C9

Ships April 30, 2024


The EVOlution continues!

Mattos Designs has taken the C9 holiday light and turned it into something extra special.  Each Bulb is individually replaceable at the cables.  The C9 lens is interchangeable with other globe styles.  Each "light" contains the same proven 24 volt WS2811 internals from our standard  pixels, and adds a second set of LED's to give greater brightness over single pixel offerings.  Each "bulb" is a single pixel in the data chain.  The constant current design draws 10ma per light allowing a single controller output to power a greater number of "lights".

Packaged in a 1000 foot spool - each spool contains 1000 EVO C9s spaced at 12" on centers.  Each "light" is connected to the one before and one after by a short xConnect cable.  This design allows each installation to be 100% custom with no wire splices required.  Simply disconnect the extra pixels and cap off the end and you're done.  By utilizing standard xConnect connectors, longer spacings between pixels can be easily accomplished by replacing the short extension with one of the desired length.

ANY RGB capable controller can drive the EVO C9's.  Gone are the days when a truck full of colored bulbs have to lugged to a customer's house to complete a color change - or a pattern change.  Simply access the controller and set the new color or pattern.  Gone are the days of strings being custom for each installation - If the lights are no longer to be used at a location, simply re-attach to the spool and wind them back up and re-deploy elsewhere.

With an integrated hoop for fastening, the EVO C9 can be easily attached and oriented as desired.  The housing works with Tough Clips and is being tested with Caney clips as well.  Anywhere a traditional C9 can be installed, the EVO C9 can be installed with a much more flexible color and brightness pallette.

Imagine that customer that is upset because 4 lights shine into their bedroom and they want to take them down - now you can set a lower brightness globally based on time, or even take those offending 4 pixels to a lower brightness at a certain time of the evening - all dependent on your controller's capabilities.

All Mattos Designs EVO Pixels carry a 3-year warranty from the time of purchase. The warranty is not valid for products that have been modified, cut, spliced or otherwise changed from their original form - including the tag on the wire.