GeoBell Flower


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NAME: GeoBell Flower


The GeoBell Flower helps bring in a more magical experience to your show. This is another creation made for Pixel Pro Displays (PPD). PPD has worked many hours on the modeling for this prop. The GeoBell Flower is a prop that can be used for any type of display. The holes are designed for 12mm bullet nodes at 4" spacing for a total of 600 pixels. These will be slit in back and folded to help save on shipping but includes 2 small backer plates.

Pixel Pro Display Video Here

***These will ship slit in the back, if you don't want it slit, there will be an additional shipping charge invoiced and emailed once boxed***

  • 47"x45.5"
  • Total of 600 nodes
  • Includes 2 backer plates
  • Designed specifically for 12mm bullets
  • Available in White or Black
  • Includes Backer Plate when slit
  • Made from our heavy duty 10mm coro
  • 100% American Made from Design, and Fabrication