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Mattos Designs LLC

Hoop Lift Kit

Hoop Lift Kit

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Pre-Order 2023.P3

Will ship mid-summer

Do you have props that sit in front of your MegaTree?  Does snow build up at the base of your MegaTree?  Purchase two MegaTree Hoops, Round 1" tube or Square 1" tube and the Mattos Designs Lift Kit Arms, and you can elevate your MegaTree off the ground and to the next level!  For those running a 180° tree, simply purchase 1 MegaTree Hoop and 1 Lift Kit

Each Hoop Lift Kit comes with bars for each Hoop Sleeve.  The Lift Kit bolts directly to the sleeves/holes on the Mattos Design Hoops.  Available in 6" Lift or 12" Lift kit, for all Mattos Design Hoop sizes.

Additional items to consider to go with your Hoop lift kit are Hoop Mounted Support and/or Anchor Brackets.

*U.S. Patent Pending #63351361*

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