About Light Animator Pro Wall:

Each Light Animator Pro Wall is constructed for long lasting durability and MAXIMUM guest engagement in any installation environment.  There are 4 different models to choose from, each offering a solution for just about any application.  All are designed for Indoor and OUTDOOR use with water and weather proof connections and durable powder coated structural components.  Hardware is either stainless steel or aluminum for years of trouble free service.

The SMALL wall is completely free standing and portable.  It requires minimal installation effort and space.  This small sized unit packs a pretty solid punch with a 25 x 25 pixel grid.  The 1" spacing of the RGB pixels insures crisp definition in a tiny space.  Aluminum frame construction and a powder coated aluminum stand make the lights "light" and easy to set up and take down.  Perfectly sized to add just a touch of interactivity to an existing installation.  Waterproof construction throughout reduces the stress in outdoor environments, and the sleek look will blend in with most indoor decor. The ready to run controller completes the package.

The MEDIUM Wall is the smallest of our centerpiece collection.  With 50 rows of 50 pixels spaced at 2", this freestanding element packs a solid punch wherever it is placed.  The 2" spacing lets the wall be located a little further from the viewer while still delivering a vibrant visual impact.  Constructed of powder coated steel, the wall stands at an impressive 8 feet tall.  The pixels are permanently attached to 1/16" stainless steel aircraft cable and deliver vibrant colors with a 360 degree viewing angle.  Install this so the backside is also visible and it will act as a magnet to draw viewers in to engage.  Includes 2 powder coated steel tilt up poles, pixels, all necessary extension cables and the ready to run controller.  This wall can be controlled by up to 2 Light Animator Pro Kiosks

The LARGE Wall DOUBLES the viewing area of the medium to 50 rows high by 100 pixels wide - with the same 2" spacing as the Medium package.  2 powder coated tilt up mounting poles and all of the necessary cables and controllers are included.  The large wall packs a huge impact with its over 16 foot wide footprint and can draw viewers in from anywhere in your installation.  The 360 degree illumination of the specially designed RGB pixels will allow viewers to not only see this from every angle, but to interact with it from both sides simultaneously - This requires 2 Light Animator Pro kiosks .

The CUBE takes the experience of the Light Animator Pro to entirely new levels.  With the ability to be configured in a 4 sided cube (aprox 8 feet by 8 feet), a 32 foot long straight wall, or even a 4 paneled cave style where the side panels are to the side of the viewer - the immersive power of Light Animator will dazzle your guests by surrounding them in their own artistic creations.  With ANY of the possible installation configurations, the ENTIRE 4 panels are the canvas - In cube format, up to 4 Light Animator Pro Kiosks can be used with one on each side.  For the wall type of installation, 4 Light Animator Pro Kiosks can be deployed on the same side, or split across both sides.  The cave or U style installation can also be controlled by up to 4 Light Animator Pro kiosks - depending on the experience you wish for your guests.  (4) 8 foot tall powder coated steel tilt up towers with 4 sections of 50 high by 50 tall rgb pixels, all necessary cables for the cube installation and controller are included.  Wall and Cave style installations may require additional extension cabling.

The Ready to Run LIGHT ANIMATOR Pro wall series is meticulously handcrafted to our exact specifications, ensuring unparalleled quality and precision. Crafted for simple assembly, each wall is pre assembled and tested prior to shipping to insure flawless deployment.  Delivery time is estimated at about 60 days. Want your LIGHT ANIMATOR sooner? Act quick to secure one of the units being built for stock now. Decrease your order to delivery time to 20 days by adding Light Animator Pro to your cart now. (the wall panels are not expedited here, just the control system)

About Light Animator Pro:

Introducing Light Animator Pro - developed in collaboration with Experience Lights. Imagine transforming ordinary spaces into captivating interactive experiences - Light Animator Pro lets the viewer become part of the show. With just the touch of a finger, customers can unleash their creativity and paint the lights in real-time, bringing a whole new dimension to your event or venue - a dimension that will get people talking and engaging.

Unleash Creativity: Our kiosk allows customers to become artists as they effortlessly paint vibrant lights using intuitive touch controls.

Seamless Integration: Designed for convenience, our kiosk seamlessly integrates with existing props and lighting controllers, making setup and configuration a breeze. It effortlessly outputs the most common lighting protocols – DDP, E1.31, and Art-Net – ensuring compatibility and ease of use.  Don't have a display or a technical staff?  The ready to run Light Animator Pro Wall system solves that problem for you - simply follow the simple instructions to assemble and connect to the ready to run controllers.  It's effortless.

Inspire Engagement: Elevate your event with a unique and interactive light experience that captivates audiences and inspires social sharing. From holiday lighting walk-throughs to corporate events and science museums, our kiosk guarantees unforgettable moments and viral social content.  Multiple kiosks can be installed to encourage the collaboration among multiple guests or groups all at once.

Versatile Applications: Perfect for holiday lighting walk-throughs, interactive art exhibits, science museums, or adding an extra element of fun to corporate events.

Elevate your event with Light Animator Pro and create unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

Light Animator Pro is sure to be a hit in any setting.