Luxé Rosé XT LED 200 Z (RGBWW) - White Housing


The GAMMA Luxé Rosé XT LED 200 Z offers RGBW color mixing, motorized zoom, and shutters.  It's a great wash light for a lot of churches and other venues on a budget who want a really high-quality fixture.

From the Manufacturer:

Part of our Theatrical line, the Luxé Rosé XT LED 200 Z is a LED profile lighting fixture with the classic style of a Fresnel which makes it suitable for theatrical or stage lighting. Incorporated with barn doors to block out unwanted light and a 200W COB LED lamp that is capable of providing Warm White & Cool White spectrums (2,700-5,600K) to bring out the natural skin tones and easily deliver brightness. What really sets the fixture apart from others is that it has a motorized zoom (5-60º), flicker free technology, CRI of 79+. This makes it ideal for covering a big stage area with its motorized zoom while still giving the natural look desired on film/video. A must have  for any theatre, stage, studio, or house of worship like setting.

From the GEAR Pro's:

 The Rosé is a great frontlight, and here's why.  It's a cross between a Fresnel and a Par - it's not quite as soft of a light as a traditional Fresnel, which actually aids us when we use the included barn doors.  The edge of the barn door is pretty tight, meaning that you can cut the light off where you need it to without extra light bleed. 

This is the RGBW version of this 200w LED source.

Combine that with the good softness of light and you have a light that's forgiving to focus in a wash, versatile for different stage sizes, and still able to cut off of set pieces, screens, and other portions of the stage that you aren't trying to light!

Video Review (of the warm/cool white version - this is an RGBW version, but is otherwise identical):


In the Box:

  • (1) Luxé Rosé XT LED 200 Z(RGBWW)
  • (1) Power Cable - PowerCon to Edison
  • (1) 3 Pin DMX Cable
  • (1) User Manual

Unboxing Video:


  • 1 x 200W COB LED RGBWW
  • Color Temperature: 2,700K - 5600K
  • Beam Angle: 5° - 60° (motorized)
  • Barn Doors: 4 Rotatable
  • Dimming: 0-100% Smooth and precise linear dimmer.
  • Strobe: 1 - 25hz
  • IP Grade: IP20