One on One Consulting




Help. Is. Here.

Are you having difficulties with your show and need a guiding hand?  Regardless of your skill level, years of putting on a show, or how many pixels you have, we've all been there.  Whether you are having difficulties with controllers not working, lights not blinking, or a multitude of other show conundrums, our team of experts are here to get your show running at it's best.

Between YouTube, xLights forums, Zoom and countless other information sources, it's easy to find contradictory or confusing advice for your problems.  Let our team work with you One-on-One to hear your problems and find the perfect solutions.  Depending on your needs, our experts can guide you through your fixes, or take control of your computer to make the necessary changes for you while you watch and learn.

One on One Help is available in multiple packages including:

  • One Hour Consultation and Help - $120
    • This is our 'a la carte' package for our customers who need help with a specific problem or problems
  • Four Hour Pre-Paid Consultation - $400
    • Designed with users who know they are still learning in mind
    • Can be used all at once, or in 30 minute blocks
    • Your consultation credits are recorded and available whenever you need assistance
  • First Year Setup (Six Hour Consultation) - $600
    • 2 Hours of up front "Getting Started" assistance
    • 4 Hours of support for setup, configuration, and testing your show, usable all at once or in 30 minute blocks

Let Mattos Designs get your show back up and running fast!