RGB Decor Light Ball

Ships April 30, 2024


The RGB Decor line tackles those classic incandescent / traditional holiday lighting display elements with an RGB pixel update.  Each of the carefully curated props in this collection boasts white wire, 1" spaced, 12 volt seed/pebble pixels and X-connect connections.  Powder coated metal frames on everything (except the candy canes) insure many years of life in your display.

We can't even begin to count the number of home grown versions of this prop that we have seen over the years.  Each time we have seen one, we say to ourselves - we need to do that, and something else takes priority - well we decided this one needs not only to be made, but to be made up in 3 separate sizes!  Use them as toppers, ground swag, tree hangars - the possibilities are limitless.  Each has an integrated mounting stud for attaching, and a hoop at the top for hanging.  Pro tip:  use a small piece of PVC tube on the mount stud to cradle the ball when using as a topper - it will help keep it from wanting to lean over.

The Small ball is 12" in diameter, has 12 ribs with 16 nodes per rib - 192 nodes total.

The Medium ball is 16" in diameter, has 16 ribs with 22 nodes per rib. 350 nodes total.

The Large ball is 20" in diameter, also has 16 ribs but with 29 nodes on each rib.  464 nodes on this one total.

Pick one or 20 and let your imagination run wild.