RGB Decor Snowflake

Ships April 30, 2024


The RGB Decor line tackles those classic incandescent / traditional holiday lighting display elements with an RGB pixel update.  Each of the carefully curated props in this collection boasts white wire, 1" spaced, 12 volt seed/pebble pixels and X-connect connections.  Powder coated metal frames on everything (except the candy canes) insure many years of life in your display.

Talk about a versatile prop, the RGB decor snowflakes can go just about anywhere, hanging from a cable, mounted to a surface, standing in the yard are all super simple ways to utilize the 360 degree glow from the integrated pixels.  Each of these only sports an input, so they are not linkable at this time.

The 12 " version sports XX Pixels (we are still working out the details on this one)

the Medium version is 24" and has 258 nodes

The large Snowflake is 36" and sports 402 nodes.

As with ALL of our RGB Decor display elements, xModels are available.