RGB Decor Spiral Trees

Ships April 30, 2024


The RGB Decor line tackles those classic incandescent / traditional holiday lighting display elements with an RGB pixel update.  Each of the carefully curated props in this collection boasts white wire, 1" spaced, 12 volt seed/pebble pixels and X-connect connections.  Powder coated metal frames on everything (except the candy canes) insure many years of life in your display.

Our favorite of the line (shh, don't tell the deer...) these classic spiral trees are 100% refreshed with the clean look of white wire Seed pixels.  The 1' Spacing and uniform placements insure that when you tell these to bounce, they will bounce.

3 models available - the 4' is slightly wider than the 6 foot - intentionally to create a little more organic feel in your display.  The star is permanently wired in, and is the end of the model.  Powder coated metal, and plastic spirals round out the construction.  These store reasonably flat and will bring an awesome look to your holiday display.

The 4' tree is 325 nodes on 11 wraps with a 22 node star on the top.  347 nodes total.

The 5' tree packs 321 nodes on 11 wraps and a 23 node star 344 total (remember this one is skinnier than the 4' tree).

The 6' tree features 395 nodes, also with 11 wraps and a 30 node star - totaling  425 pixels total.

These spiral trees will be a focal point in your display - cluster them together for a forrest effect, or space evenly for a classic border look.  Sprinkle in some sequencing creativity and your display will be the talk of the town.