Sasquatch™ MegaTree™ Pulley Cap


The Sasquatch Main Pole Pulley Cap is the lynchpin to the entire Sasquatch MegaTree line of products.  No other vendor or supplier provides this innovative solution to raising and lowering your MegaTree.  The Sasquatch Pulley Cap allows your winch cable to pass through your Sasquatch MegaTree Topper, rotate smoothly over the pulley, and back down to the Topper.  Designed to mount to the top of your 2"x2" square tube.  The Sasquatch Pulley cap can accommodate up to 1/4" winch cable.  

Other MegaTree solutions require you to use a ladder or fully lower the pole to the ground, but this unique system allows you to raise and lower your MegaTree topper to any height.  This makes the Sasquatch MegaTree the most flexible system available.  Want a 12' tree for Halloween, but a 20' tree for Christmas?  Simply raise or lower the Topper using your winch to the desired height and secure your strips to your MegaTree hoop.  Need to make adjustments?  Simply lower the winch, make your fixes, and crank the winch back up for quick pixel fixes!

  • Mounts on to the top of your 2"x2" tube.
  • Pulley designed to handle up to a 1/4" cable
  • Black Powder Coat Finish
*U.S. Patent Pending #63351361*