Sasquatch™ MegaTree™ Base



The Sasquatch MegaTree™ Base


  • Stand Alone Base is designed to provide an easy setup on even surfaces. It is equipped with four 2.5"x 2.5" square tube receivers to accept the legs and main pole, each secured with a locking bolt. This base can accommodate a 2"x 2" square tube.
  • Buried Base provides the ideal installation solution when embedded into the ground. Simply dig a hole with the desired dimensions, insert the base, and fill with premixed concrete while allowing it to dry. This 2.5"x2.5" square tube receiver features a locking bolt to secure the main pole in place. Additionally, it offers a slide and bolt on mounting tab for attaching MegaTree™ hoop supports. The package includes two tabs for hoop supports, with an option to add a 2"x2" square tube to the bottom for a deeper buried base.


  • Portable Hole Base is designed for use with Walter B. Monkhouse-engineered Portable Holes, offering a 2.5"x2.5" square receiver and locking bolt for secure pole placement. With two tabs for hoop attachments, this 18" tall base provides a reliable foundation for 2"x2" square tubes.


  • Tilt-up Base Kit The adjustable setup enables easy and safe installation, no matter what your needs are. Built with powder-coated steel and plated hardware to resist corrosion, the Tilt-up Base Kit adds the buried and Standalone base to finish the setup. Just attach the mast and enjoy your MegaTree™. This variant offers an economical way to implement tilting deployment in a permanent tree base. The Sasquatch MegaTree™ tilt up hardware inserts into your permanent hole; the mast installs in a horizontal position, allowing you to "stand up" the pole and secure it with the included nuts. This option assumes you already have the Stand Alone base and 2x2 permanent mount in place.


Ideal for use with our Mattos Design's Pulley Cap and a Sasquatch MegaTree Sliding Topper.

*U.S. Patent Pending #63351361*