Sphere 3D 44"



Name: Sphere 3D 44"


This 3D Sphere add some very nice light dimension to any display. The 44" sphere actually makes two spheres in one. This sphere comes with a ring and 8 outer curves that will connect very easily with 2 small circles on top and bottom.

  • 43.5"x43.5"
  • 256 total 12mm nodes (88 for inner, 168 for outer)
  • Designed for 12mm bullet pixels or dumb RGB nodes
  • Super fast and easy installation
  • Available in Black or White 10mm coro
  • 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication


See provided picture with instructions. All the pieces will clamp together in the slots. You will begin with adding the curve pieces to the top and bottom ring. Make sure to slide them into slot till its flush on each piece. When you get 5 curve pieces add, then add the solid middle ring to the middle in the provided slots. Then you will continue to add the rest of your curve pieces.