Starburst Par 7x18



The Starburst 7x18w is a no-nonsense, quality LED par at a reasonable price.  It offers RGBAWUV LED's and is completely silent, allowing you to focus on creating great lighting!

From the Manufacturer:

Our Starburst 7x18W par is small, efficient, & powerful. Giving the user 6in1 LED color mixing (RGBWA+UV) it can generate a broad color spectrum while maintaining natural looking colors.

It’s built with cast aluminum housing that provides a natural cooling system which allows for a quiet and fan-less fixture. This makes it a must have for any sound sensitive environment while also being compact to fit in small spaces & bright enough to wash any area with its 45º beam angle.

*25 degree beam angle available as special order*

From the GEAR Pro's:

Small, bright, well-built, silent.  This is what we like about the Starburst Pars.  We've used these pars a lot and appreciate their fairly-wide 45-degree beam angle (great for 8-15' ceilings), vivid colors and PowerCon locking in/out plugs for power linking.

They're simple, they work great, and they rival pars that cost $100-$150 more.

Video Review:

In the Box:

  • (1) Staburst Par 7 x 18w
  • (1) Power Cable - PowerCon to Edison
  • (1) 3 Pin DMX Cable
Unboxing  Video:



  • 7 x 18w RGBWA+UV LED's
  • Flicker Free Technology: No flickering during filming or video
  • Beam Angle: 45°
  • Dimming: 0-100% 16 bit
  • Strobe: 1-20hz
  • IP Grade: IP44