Kraken Structural Pixel Mounting System – Durable PVC Track for 12mm Pixels, 2-Inch Spacing, 90-Foot Kit


Kraken Structural Pixel Mounting System

Unleash your creativity with the Kraken Structural Pixel Mounting System from Mattos Designs. This revolutionary system is designed for easy and secure mounting of 12mm pixels, making it perfect for creating stunning lighting displays.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Pixel Mounting: With 2-inch spaced 12mm holes, the Kraken Structural can hold both bullet and EVO pixels. EVO pixels sit flush within the track, while bullet pixels extend slightly out the back.
  • Durable PVC Construction: Made from the same PVC material used in replacement windows, the Kraken Structural is designed for long-term durability. The material is extruded in color, ensuring a consistent white appearance throughout.
  • Easy to Customize: Easily cut on a chop or table saw, the Kraken Structural can be tailored to any desired shape, including angles and lengths. The back slot accommodates 4040 extrusion nuts for versatile mounting options.
  • Secure Installation: High-temp hot glue can be used for secure, low-stress applications. A drop of hot glue behind each pixel helps keep them in place.
  • Protective Film: Each 1-meter long piece comes with a plastic protective film to ensure it looks its best for many seasons.
  • Innovative Design: The Kraken Structural system allows for the creation of compound shapes, crown-style moldings, window frames, verticals, and arches. The possibilities are endless!


  • Material: PVC, extruded in color
  • Pixel Compatibility: 12mm holes spaced 2 inches apart, compatible with bullet and EVO pixels
  • Length: Each kit includes 30 3-foot sticks, totaling 90 feet
  • Customization: Easily cut to any shape or length, accommodates 4040 extrusion nuts for versatile mounting
  • Protective Features: Plastic protective film included


  • Long-Lasting Durability: Constructed from high-quality PVC, the Kraken Structural system is built to withstand the elements and remain visually appealing over time.
  • Flexible Design Options: Customize your pixel mounting system to fit any display, with easy cutting and versatile mounting options.
  • Secure and Neat Installation: Ensure a clean, professional look with securely mounted pixels and protective film.

Get Creative with Kraken Structural

Transform your lighting displays with the Kraken Structural Pixel Mounting System from Mattos Designs. Offering unmatched flexibility, durability, and ease of use, this system is the ultimate solution for creating beautiful, custom lighting setups. What are you waiting for? Go release your Kraken!