TX-5 250 Z Spot - White Housing


Can we talk about the TX-5 for a minute?   This light is my pick for most band/church stages of mid-size for people who want a moving head spot with zoom.

From the Manufacturer:

Our TX-5  250 Z Spot is a blend of power & versatility. Integrated with a 250 watt high output white LED, a motorized zoom from 5º – 30º, and a color wheel that contains 7 colors + white allows for the user to have smooth color mixing, rotation, and speed tuning at their disposal.
Create a variety of looks as this fixture is a hybrid which allows for a Beam, Spot, or Wash effect in order to obtain the sharp beam angle to a smooth & wide wash effect that many programmers desire. It’s also equipped with 1 static wheel ( 8 gobos + rotation) and 1 rotational gobo wheel ( 7 gobos + wheel rotation) along with a 8-facet prism.
The power, efficiency, and versatility of the TX-5 250 Z makes it ideal for any size venue such as corporate events, theaters, studios, houses of worship, arenas, or any stage install.

From the GEAR Pro's:

GAMMA calls this light a hybrid, and I mostly agree. The 5º degree minimum beam angle allows you to get a beam-like look for smaller stages, while widening to 30º to cover more area.  Add the prism, and the light goes a little further.

The TX5 also includes a frost, which I suppose would make some consider it a wash light...if you need a wash light, buy a wash light, not this!  Spot and beam - yes!  

The colors are good, most of the gobos are good (and you can replace the gobos on the rotating gobo wheel).  And for the price, it can't be beat - lights in a similar price range aren't as bright and definitely don't have the build quality that the TX5 has.

Video Review:

In the Box:

  • (1) TX-5 250 Z Spot
  • (1) Power Cable - PowerCon to Edison
  • (1) 3 Pin DMX Cable
  • (2) Omega Clamp Brackets

Unboxing Video:


  • 250w High Output White LED
  • Flicker Free Technology: No flickering during filming or video
  • LED Color Wheel: 7 colors + white
  • 1 Static Gobo Wheel: 8 Gobos + white, Wheel Rotation & Shake
  • 1 Rotational Gobo Wheel: 7 Gobos + white, Wheel Rotation & Shake
  • Prism: 8-Facet Prism, Bi-Directionally Rotatable at variable speeds, Frost effect
  • Beam Angle: Variable 5.5° - 30°
  • Dimming: 0-100% 16 bit
  • Strobe: 1-20hz
  • IP Grade: IP20